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  • Brooks Team Pro Black Saddle

Brooks Team Pro Black Saddle

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Product Code: cap679
  • $260.00

The Team Professional is the saddle that is used by world famous Look rider Tomasz A Swinarski.

Width: 160mm
Length: 260mm
Weight: 550g

Team Professional is a timeless Brooks Classic Saddle for sportive riders. A high amount of craftsmanship is needed for this model to hammer the big copper rivets and skive the leather on the sides with a special knife.

Exercising this pursuit the rider’s weight tends to be transferred onto the legs, and to some extent to the forearms and wrists, with the pressure on the seat being alleviated by a corresponding amount. Leaning forward for increased speed, the cyclist needs less support at the back, therefore these seats are generally narrower

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