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  • Topeak Joe Blow Twin Turbo

Topeak Joe Blow Twin Turbo

  • Brand: Topeak
  • Product Code: em267
  • $330.00

Topeak Joe Blow Twin Turbo

Introducing Topeak’s TwinTurbo technology, a new concept for floor pumps that will save up to 50% of your time and effort.
For over 25 years, Topeak engineers have had one dream in mind. Create the ultimate floor pump. It must have high pressure air output and massive volume delivery to fill both road and MTB tires easily and efficiently. TwinTurbo technology utilizes the pull and push of every stroke by transferring air between its two barrels. Pulling the handle up moves a massive amount of air volume from the larger barrel into the smaller barrel. Pushing the handle down compresses the air in the smaller barrel into high pressure output that fills road tires with high pressure, or MTB tires with large volume. No matter the type of tire, the JoeBlowTM Twin Turbo will literally blow you away.

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