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  • DT Swiss - W/Set TRC 1400 Dicut Track

DT Swiss - W/Set TRC 1400 Dicut Track

  • $3,799.00 $3,999.00  save 5%


Tucked in the pack with a narrow profile for maximum efficiency, that's what you're aiming for when racing your friends and competitors in the oval or a crit. The TRC 1400 DICUT makes this wish come true. The deep section rim comes with a classy design and offers the least possible resistance when cutting through the air. With a stiff wheel build on a classic, championship proven hub, this wheel provides all the power needed when it's time to sneak out from behind to launch your attack.


Product details:

  • Axle system 9 mm Thru Bolt

  • Built-in dimension 100 mm

  • Freehub body -

  • Freehub system -

  • Brake interface Non-disc

  • Inclusive valve guard

  • Rim diameter 633 mm (29" / 700 Tubular)

  • Outer width 24.8 mm

  • Rim type Tubular

  • Rim height 65 mm

  • Hub type 240

  • Spokes DT aerolite® straight pull

  • Nipples DT Pro Lock hidden aluminium

  • Decal type Waterslide

  • recommended system weight max. 110 kg

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