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Transition 2021 PBJ Black Complete

12 Months interest free

  • $2,495.00 $3,190.00  save 22%

The Motivational Speaker of Our Lineup

We have 1 small and two Large jump bikes left, grab a bargain!!

Be the best pumper, bumper and jumper you can be.

The PBJ is one of the longest standing models in our lineup, and for good reason. Unique geometry developed by our very own Lars n' Bars creates a bike that mountain bikers will immediately feel at home on. Relaxed geometry that is stable at higher speeds and big jumps, yet fun and nimble enough for the tightest of pump tracks. The PBJ will simply make you a better mountain biker and help you take your pumping, bumping and jumping skills to the next level. Due to overwhelming popularity we now offer the PBJ in 3 colors options.

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