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Covid-19 Level 3

  • Product Code: Covid 3

Covid Update Information

Thank you

During level 4 trading restrictions we have been processing contactless web orders as per ministry guidelines with their approval.

We have done all we can to make things as smooth as possible for you guys, in an environment that has brought unforeseen challenges for us all.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the support- it has made a massive difference! 

Shop Trading Information in Level 3 

Great news that with the government announcement of lifting level 4 barriers, we will be transitioning into to level 3 which allows slightly more convenient trading.

  • This means, we now have the ability to do contactless sales, pick up and drop off.
  • This includes contactless bike repairs, which will help you guys keep riding at this time. 

Below are the Capital Cycles Contactless trading safety guidelines:

Capital Cycles web is 100% active,

all web orders can be processed as per normal,

however contactless pick up is available.


From Tuesday 28th April at 10am, At the entrance to the shop inside the doors we have roped off a contact less pick up and drop off point.

Best practice is to get in touch to arrange drop off and pick up times: 

Capital Cycles Ltd

04-3856752 shop


021-2578094 mobile

Wellington 6011

Please contact us to arrange pickup/dropoff 

 (04-3856752 Shop  021-2578094 Paul)

Then Hit this QR code to register your visit with 

The Covid 19 Register.

We will also be available for Zoom Calls, a quick video conference to discuss products or repair solutions:

Our ID is 


So get in touch.

  • Capital Cycles will be open from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday at level 3, Saturday trading by appointment.

  • While this is in effect we will be offering a 10% discount for workshop pick ups during this time. 
  • We will be only allowing one customer at a time in this contained roped off area at a time as per the 2 metre guideline.
  • Hand sanitizer, cleaning products job cards and other such materials will be available 
  • We have obtained a wireless Eftpos machine that we will have stationed in this area to maximize your and our safety

Our Promise to you:

We will be maintaining strict hygiene guidelines in store with Staff, couriers and products.

As usual, we will be offering a high standard of service, doing our best in a challenging environment to make everything possible for you. It should be noted that not all services and product will be available immediately, but we will be communicating as efficiently as we can about any delays on a case by case basis.


We ask that you please clean your bike to the best standard you can.

Not only will this enhance everyone's safety, it is in the spirit of what we stand for as kiwis.

  • It will save you $, as we will be charging a cleaning fee if you have not managed to clean your bike prior to dropoff.
  • Incentives are in place for workshop pick up between 10-4, and again for a clean bike.
  • However all bikes will be cleaned for your and your safety, before all work
  • As mentioned above, we will communicate with you via phone or email as to what may need to be done in terms of your bike or bike needs.

Cheers team, we look forward to seeing you in-store. Stay safe, stay healthy and naturally #WHFWYL!

Capital Cycles Team

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