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  • Colnago C64

Colnago C64

  • Brand: Colnago
  • Product Code: car423

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Colnago C64

Here at Capital Cycles, we have prided ourselves in building antique, personalised Colnago framesets since the beginning. Customers from all over New Zealand have flown to us in order to satisfy their dream build and walk away from the shop with their dream made a reality. Building these bikes is something we would like to make a process with you (the customer) and us at the shop. If you aren't from Wellington but are interested in the C64, speak to us and we will work with discounting the bikes to subsidise cost of flights to plan and build the bike.

Colnago C64: completely handmade – “tailor-made,” it could be said – in Italy, with revolutionary tubes (larger, lighter, more durable), the C64 is the fruit of more than two years of research. Yet, it was designed based on an almost immeasurable history of cycling innovation and success – one which began in 1954.

The C64’s tubes and lugs are made of the finest carbon fiber, making it a unique frame in the world – one that cannot be compared to anything else. In the C64’s design lies Ernesto Colnago’s knowledge and experience, gained from a lifelong pursuit of cycling perfection.


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