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  • Wheelworks Flite Wide Carbon Enduro Wheelset

Wheelworks Flite Wide Carbon Enduro Wheelset

  • $3,150.00

Flite Wide Carbon Enduro

This carbon custom handbuilt wheelset is the best of the best. When someone comes in to build their dream bike, or the highest performing bike possible, this is always the wheelset of choice. Personalised for each individual rider, Capital Cycles and Wheelworks together like to get to know the customers who buy their products, and how we can make the wheel and bike build best suited to your style of riding. These wheels are designed to be matched with 160mm- 170mm enduro bikes, so if you're shuttling in the gorge or do an annual trip to Whistler, these are the wheels for you. For more information come in to the shop and talk!

The Carbon Enduro wheelset is designed as a stiff, stable wheelset for aggressive riding and Enduro racing. Used in EWS and 2W races by Carl Jones and Raewyn Morrison where durability can’t be risked but where absolute performance is critical to podium results.

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