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  • Wheelworks Flite Apex Enduro Wheelset

Wheelworks Flite Apex Enduro Wheelset

  • $1,200.00

Flite Apex Enduro

Wheelworks and Capital cycles have something super special. Teamed up as one, we can supply your dream bike build, with your dream wheelset. Wheelworks wheels have been tried and tested successfully locally, aswell as raced overseas. If you see an image and think thats the wheelset, now you can buy it as a ready to go product. Also note that if you're into something more personalised, decals, spokes and hubs of your choice (arranged with us- Capital Cycles or Wheelworks) to suit your dream build!

There is a reason why many of the world’s best EWS racers are still using aluminium wheels regardless of what their sponsors would love to see them riding: When you whack the rim on a hidden root, crash on a blind section of trail, or case a landing a good aluminium rim will dent but still be usable, allowing the rest of your race to go on unimpeded.

This wheelset is designed for Enduro racing and full-noise aggressive riding and is best-matched to a 150-160mm Enduro frame, or hard-hitting rider on a 140mm Trail / Enduro frame.

What’s the difference between this wheelset and the Alloy SL?  The Alloy SL wheelset uses fancy DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes to save 150 grams of wheelset weight and includes a wider range of decal colour options (including fluro and metallic colours) as well as multi-colour decals.  By using round-section double-butted DT Swiss spokes, limiting Apex to single colour decals, and some behind the scenes stock-management magic we’re able to offer the Apex at a killer price while having a handbuilt, custom wheelset which will out-perform the competition.

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