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  • Thomson X2 Road Stem

Thomson X2 Road Stem

  • Brand: Thomson
  • Product Code: car173
  • $169.00


X2 is for the rider who understands what it takes to stay up front. Energy wasted in flex is the enemy on a road bike. X2 keeps your energy moving forward. by being very, very stiff. now we admit, the X2 is a little heavier than some other top end options, but bikes spec'd with one of these make a statement, and that statement is you dont want to be srpinting against me.  the X2 is seen widely on sprinters bikes on the track and road alike.

Precise steering, tracking, and more control while riding, all wrapped up in a beautiful design.

Certified to: EN 14766 2006 MTB and DIN CERTCO: 2006 MTB

The Thomson X2 features a lighter, 2-bolt handlebar clamp. The interlocking handlebar clamp of the X2 makes is as torsionally strong as other 4-bolt designs, while being lighter and narrower. X2 has a low 36mm stack height. X2 is available in 2 rise options; 10 and 17 degree. Both the 10 and 17 degree stem can be run with a positive or negative rise, and the reversible graphics will be right either direction. 10 degree stems work well for average riders/amateur racers, while those who want a very aggressive aero position or who want a very upright position can use the 17 degree stem to meet their fit needs.

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