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  • Abus Tresor Flex 6615C BK Bike Lock

Abus Tresor Flex 6615C BK Bike Lock

  • Brand: Abus
  • Product Code: car713
  • $50.00


Instead of searching for your key, with the Steel-O-Flex™ Tresorflex 6615C it’s simply a case of: select the numerical code you want, set the number reel and secure your bike.

This clever cable lock is full of ABUS quality: the 15 mm steel sleeves that envelop the steel cable makes things twice as difficult for thieves. In addition, the mechanism of the Steel-O-Flex™ Tresorflex 6615C is effectively equipped to protect against manipulation thanks to its special touch protection.

Comfort first: the digits on the number wheel are so clearly moulded that you are still able to set the right combination for unlocking even at night - just by touching them. And the Snap Cage bracket is both universally mountable and also simple and convenient to use in daily life.

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