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  • Enve Smart System 3.4 Clincher Wheelset

Enve Smart System 3.4 Clincher Wheelset

  • Brand: Enve
  • Product Code: car139
  • $4,400.00


What is it?

Lightweight multi-purpose all-terrain road wheelset with aero advantage

Who is it for?

Road cyclists looking for an aerodynamic, lightweight, one wheelset quiver

Why did we make it?

ENVE is located in Ogden, Utah which features the Wasatch Mountain Range to the East and Western Desert to the West. This geographic location is diverse and we wanted to make a wheelset that provides aero performance and stability over all types of terrains and through all weather conditions. The 3.4 is light weight and relatively shallow which makes managing big mountain passes and gusty canyon winds a breeze. Over rolling and flat terrain the Smart ENVE System aero technologies come into play reducing drag and improving efficiencies.

 Enve s34

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