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  • Fabric Cell Radius Saddles

Fabric Cell Radius Saddles

  • Brand: Charge
  • Product Code: car126
  • $130.00


We have revolutionised saddle design with the Cell. Unique air-sprung technology distributes weight evenly across the saddle providing unbeatable comfort for all day riding. available in four colors; clear, black, blue, and red.


Our unique Hex-air cells create the most supportive saddle on the market. Each cell compresses individually to maximise comfort at all times and keep its shape throughout the life of the saddle.


Unrivalled all day comfort 
Unique airsprung technology 
Full length maximum support 
Extra wide for maximum comfort

Cell Shallow Elite                                  

  • Weight: TBA
  • Width: 155mm
  • Length: 282mm
  • Base: Nylon flex
  • Rail: Cro-mo
  • Upper: Water proof TPU rubber
  • Core: Unique Hex-Air cells

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