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  • Fabric Scoop Saddles

Fabric Scoop Saddles

  • Brand: Charge
  • Product Code: car126
  • $80.00


The Scoop is a mid-width saddle designed to provide flexibility and comfort in all disciplines of modern cycling. It is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity.


All of our Scoop saddles share the same simple three part manufacturing process; they comprise of a cover, base and rail.This minimal manufacturing technique removes any staples, excess material and other imperfections synonymous with previous saddle construction.

  • COVER - The Scoop in encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover. The texture is grippy whilst still allowing you to move freely around the saddle. The minimal design of the saddle makes it exceptionally easy to clean.
  • BASE MATERIAL - Featured on our Elite, Race and Pro saddles this lightweight and highly-flexible, fibre re-enforced nylon increases strength and allows us to use less padding in order to create the streamlined shape that provides the basis for all Fabric saddles.
  • RAIL MATERIAL - There are 3 rail material options. Our Elite saddle has a cro-mo rail, Race uses titanium while our Pro and Ultimate saddles share the same full carbon rail.


  • FLAT - Flat provides an efficient supportive platform for an aerodynamic, stretched position.
  • SHALLOW - Shallow suits a performance orientated position that comfort and flexibility.
  • RADIUS - Radius is aimed at a more upright riding position, it?s shape offers maximum support and comfort.


COLOURS: (Top/Base) Black/Black, Black/White, White/Black


  • Flat (Cro-mo) 244g, (Titanium) 238g, (Carbon) 176g
  • Shallow (Cro-mo) 266g, (Titanium) 254g, (Carbon) 198g
  • Radius (Cro-mo) 256g, (Titanium) 250g, (Carbon) 194g

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