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  • Zipp 404 Firestrike Wheelsets

Zipp 404 Firestrike Wheelsets

  • Brand: Zipp
  • Product Code: zip404
  • $5,000.00 $6,200.00  save 19%


Zipp wheels can make a huge difference to the way a bike can ride, but choosing the right pair can be critical to your racing success, if you would like discuss wheel option with one of our staff, dont hesitate to visit or call our store, phone (04) 385 6752.

In 2010, Firecrest? set a new standard for speed. Our mathematically derived rim shape marked a new age in wheel design allowing all of us to go faster through greater aerodynamic performance and stability in a bicycle wheel.

Our 2014 Firestrike design, which draws on the same rim patent used in Firecrest, marks the next evolution. We started with our venerable 404 wheelset, added our all-new Showstopper? brake track technology and packed in a host of technological advancements to create the most advanced and highest performing wheelset in our 26 year history.
?New CFD (computational fluid dynamics) designed Firestrike rim shape provides a 34% reduction in side force while maintaining the aero performance of our Firecrest rims, for the ultimate in aero balance.
?Revised ABLC? (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control) smooths airflow through more frequent and smaller vortices, providing unmatched stability and control on even the windiest days.
?Showstopper applies a molded in, brake track pattern and introduces a Silicon Carbide (SiC) surface for wet weather braking. This results in equal brake force in wet conditions when compared to industry leading aluminum rims. Showstopper technology delivers greater stopping power in wet conditions than any carbon wheel ever produced.
?The Zipp 88/188v10* is a highly refined version of our pro-proven 88/188v9 hubset. In addition to the added torsional stiffness gained through the virtual 3X lacing pattern utilizing Sapim? CX-Ray? spokes, we?ve precision set the bearing preload. That means no bearing pre-load adjustment required. Smooth rolling ceramic bearings put every last watt into moving you toward your goal.
?17.25mm wide clincher bead results in less tire deformation for better cornering performance.
?Completely refined rim production process creates the most durable rims we?ve ever built, strong enough to conquer the toughest roads between Paris and Roubaix.

Whether it?s aero drag, wind induced steering torque, rain soaked roads, or tight corners, overcoming the resistive forces that are slowing you down is our sole mission.


Weight 1620g Wheelset (Front) 725g (Rear) 895g
Max recommended rider weight  250lbs 
Hubs (Front) 88v10 (Rear) 188v10
Rim Depth 58mm
Brake Track Width (centre) 26.4mm
Max Width 27.8mm
Clincher Bead Width 17.25mm
Spokes Sapim? CX-Ray
Spoke Pattern (Front) Radial (Rear) 2 Cross
Spoke Lengths (Front)246mm (Rear DS)250mm (Rear NDS)252mm
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Track Adaptable (Front) Yes (Rear) No
Dimpled Surface Yes
Ceramic Bearing Included
Nipples Sapim?
External Nipples Yes
11-spd Compatible Hub Yes

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