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  • Zipp 60 Wheelset

Zipp 60 Wheelset

  • Brand: Zipp
  • Product Code: zip060
  • $2,100.00


Zipp wheels can make a huge difference to the way a bike can ride, but choosing the right pair can be critical to your racing success, if you would like discuss wheel option with one of our staff, dont hesitate to visit or call our store, phone (04) 385 6752.


The new Zipp 60 clincher wheelset, allows you to experience a precision engineered , high-performance carbon rim that won't create financial drag. The 58mm dimpled hybrid torodial rim is based on areodynamic principles validated in the wind tunnel and with scores of race wins. Based on a quarter-century of aero expertise, the 60 clincher is stiff and durable, yet nimble thanks to continuous and strenuous product development. An all new hub makes the 60clincher as durable as it is fast. This versatile wheelset is perfect for the road racer, the triathlete, or gran fondo enthusiast who simply loves to ride.

At the heart of the 60 is the light, smooth and tough new hub - which is 10 or 11 speed compatible. Its shell is formed from ultra-strong and lightweight 7075-T6 aluminium. Sapim CX-Ray spokes maintainstiffness required for efficient power transfer. External nipples better support each spoke as is exits the rim. Stainless steal bearings ensure years of smooth riding. The hub is precision set, so it requires no pre-laod adjustment.

Zipp's M2CM? technology fuses the aluminium hoop to the inner carbon section during the molding process. Zipp's famous ABLC? dimple pattern smoothes airflow across the rims surface. The 60's aluminium brake track provides a familiar and effective stopping surface in all conditions.

Learn more about the Zipp 60 here


Weight:  Front (850g) Rear (970g) Wheelset (1820g)

Rim Used: 60

Rim Width: 23.5mm

Rim Depth: 58mm

Max Tire Pressure: 125psi

Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Front: 18 / Radial / 246mm

Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear: 20 / Cross 252mm NDS / Radial 236mm RD

Front Hub: 122

Rear Hub: 249

ABLC Dimples: Yes

11-Speed Compatible Hub: Yes

External Nipples: Yes

Colour: Classic White - (black spokes, glossy black hubs, classic whit decals)

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