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  • Zipp 900 Disc Wheels

Zipp 900 Disc Wheels

  • Brand: Zipp
  • Product Code: zip900
  • $2,550.00


Zipp wheels can make a huge difference to the way a bike can ride, but choosing the right pair can be critical to your racing success, if you would like discuss wheel option with one of our staff, dont hesitate to visit or call our store, phone (04) 385 6752.


When we introduced the 900 we changed expectations for disc wheels. We demonstrated that they didn't have to weigh as much as a small dog while offering the stiffness necessary to perform under the world's greatest cyclists. At just 935 g with a cassette hub, the 900 is light enough for the hilliest triathlon or time trial courses.

The Zipp® 900 disc remains one of the lightest, stiffest disc wheels in the world and was still more than fast enough to help American cycling legend Kristin Armstrong to time trial victories galore.
Zipp was founded 20 years ago to produce carbon fiber discs that were lighter and faster than anything else available at the time. Today, the 900 still reflects that commitment to giving you the perfect tool for whatever situation you find yourself in.

This disc may also be adapted for track use.



Weight: 935g

Brake Track Width: 20.32mm

Max Width: 21mm

Normal Tire Bead Width: 15.7mm

Track Adaptable: Yes

Dimpled Surface: Yes

11-Speed Compatible: Yes

Max Rider Weight: 275lbs 

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