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  • Zipp 303/404 Firecrest combination Wheelset

Zipp 303/404 Firecrest combination Wheelset

  • Brand: Zipp
  • Product Code: zip304
  • $3,500.00


Zipp wheels can make a huge difference to the way a bike can ride, but choosing the right pair can be critical to your racing success, if you would like discuss wheel option with one of our staff, dont hesitate to visit or call our store, phone (04) 385 6752.

Riding and racing in wellington can be expecially demanding of equipment. steep hills, wind and rain can make a fast paced ride especially taxing on yourself, and raise the level of performance required from your bike.

by combining a front and rear wheels from different wheelsets, we can fine tune the compromise of weight, stability, and aerodynamic gain, and here at capital cycles, the 303/404 combo is quickly growing as our favorite everyday-race-wheel solution. we're confident these wheels will live up to the hype.


Weight: 1590g (Set) 695g(Front), Rear (895g)

Max Recommened Rider Weight: 250lbs/110kg

Rim Depth/Width front: 45mm/28.5mm

Rim Depth/Width rear: 58/26.53mm

Hubs: 88 Front, 188/V9 Rear

Spoke Count/Length/Pattern Front: 18 / 260mm / Radial

Spoke Count/Pattern/Length Rear: 24 / Cross 252mm NDS / Radial 250mm RDS

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