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  • Shimano RS10 Wheelset

Shimano RS10 Wheelset

  • Brand: Shimano
  • Product Code: car051
  • $270.00


The RS10 replaces the RS501 wheelset, one of capital-cycles most common training wheelsets for the more weight-concious rider.

Small Refinements have been made to build a stronger more durable wheel around a new 11-speed compatable hub. The high end dura-ace and RS81 wheelsets speak for themselves, and the RS10 wheelset is no different, alongside the RS330 it completes shimano's 11-speed offerings with a low-cost alternative balancing rigidity, durability, and lightweight for everyday riding.

These entry-level wheels from Shimano offer outstanding performance for the price. Part of their Road Sport range, they feature reliable Shimano hubs, semi-aero rims & are ideal for training or for everyday riding when commuting to & from work.

Weight: 1880g

Tyre type: clincher

Rim material: Aluminium extruded rim

Hub type: Shimano sealed loose-ball 11speed

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