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  • ESI Racer's Edge Grips

ESI Racer's Edge Grips

  • Brand: ESI
  • Product Code: caq553
  • $30.00

Best suited for the acknowledged weight weenie and thin grip lovers!

  • Weight: 50 grams (+/- 5%)
  • Grip Length: 13cm 
  • Installed Diameter: 30mm
  • 1 set of End Caps included

ESI Chunky Grip Colour Range


  • Grip - Wet or dry, your hands stay put! Slip-proof, yet not sticky!
  • Comfort - Reduces hand numbness, fatigue, and arm pump
  • Wear - UV resistant, non porous, and will not harden or fade
  • Bar Adhesion - No glue, hairspray, or lock-ons required! These grips will not throttle!
  • Elements - Withstands a huge range of severe temperatures and climates - any condition you can throw at it!
  • Maintenance - Washable - Install/Remove with rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or compressed air

More Info: 

ESI grips are designed and manufactured by a cyclist to be the best. Engineered one side thicker for absorbing shock and vibration with the opposite side thinner for bulk-reducing comfort, combined with the best materials and the best production process to create maximum shock absorption and grip, while maintaining the lowest weight possible and highest level of durability.

No tread or logos needed! Silicone has a memory; when you grab an ESI Grip you get a custom mold of your hand for a no slip ride every time. These race proven lightweight grips are used by cyclists all over the world.

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