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  • Chris King 49mm Inset 1.5-1-1/8R Headset

Chris King 49mm Inset 1.5-1-1/8R Headset

  • $300.00

1.5 - 1 1/8 reducer flush fitting headset


InSet™ Low-Stack Sealed Bearing Headset

InSet™ is the classic, unbeatable Chris King sealed bearing headset built into five configurations for contemporary bicycle headtube dimensions. As a low-stack style headset, the press-in cups and bearings are housed within the headtube allowing for an overall lower ride height. InSet compatibility can also conform to forks with tapered steerer tubes. Aluminum cups in 10 available colors house our legendary bearings; all made in-house in our Portland, Oregon facility. InSet™ is the unrivaled upgrade for all riding styles.

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