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  • Enervit G Sport Powder - 450g Cannister

Enervit G Sport Powder - 450g Cannister

  • Brand: Enervit
  • Product Code: cap61
  • $35.00

  • Carbohydrates providing energy during exercise
  • Containing fructose, to reduce blood sugars and insulin response
  • To replenish substances lost through sweating

Enervit G Sport is a powder to make an isotonic granular sports drink designed to stave off thirst during exercise.  Apart from sodium and chlorine, Enervit G Sport delivers mineral salts (potassium and magnesium) in the form of citrates.  50% of the carbohydrates contained are in the form of fructose and maltodextrin, designed to maintain energy during exercise while keeping stable blood sugars.  The granular form dissolves quickly in water.

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