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  • Leppin Squeezy - 10x 45g Sachet

Leppin Squeezy - 10x 45g Sachet

  • Brand: Leppin
  • Product Code: cap005
  • $20.00 $25.00  save 20%

Leppin Squeezy provides 25g of pure (20-23 Chain Length) carbohydrate polymer per serve. Blended into a convenient liquid gel, Leppin Squeezy is the ultimate in quick-acting, long lasting pure energy. Leppin Squeezy is able to re-fuel glycogen stores in both muscle and liver, thus extending endurance and performance. It is important to consume at least 150ml of water with each serve of Squeezy to ensure rapid absorption into the bloodstream.

Swallow contents of sachet every 30-50 minutes during continuous exercise. Take with water (100-150mls/sachet) if heavy exercise is likely.

Complex (20-23 DE) Carbohydrates, water, natural flavour, sodium salts, potassium salts.

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