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100% Speedcraft Long Lens

  • Brand: 100%
  • Product Code: car210
  • $140.00 $300.00  save 53%


Please note: there are a huge range of colour options, and they are constantly evolving! the best place to keep on top of this is on the speedcraft website ( please give us a call to confirm colour before purchasing on (04) 385 6752.

the speedcraft is 100% gauranteed to make you look more like a super hero than any other piece of cycling eyewear. Taking some seriously rad design inspiration from the eyewear choices of yester-year when lenses where big, and colours were bold, the speedcraft has maximum coverage, maximum lightweight (about 35g) and maximum quallity. every piece of the puzzle is built from the highest quallity materials, to an immaculate level of finish. 

Included with the premium model is a cleaning bag, padded zipped hard case, low light lens and interchangeable nose pads (two sizes).  Megol rubber on the nose pads and temple grips. The lens? wrap-around shape offers great coverage, and if the standard model here is too big 100% offers the smaller lensed SL. The lens is anti-reflective and hydrophobic, and offers 100 percent UV protection.

the base model comes with a single colour frame only, a single lens, and a soft cleaning bag. it is also offered in the short and long lens options.

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