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  • Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset

Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset

  • Brand: Fulcrum
  • Product Code: cap73
  • $990.00

Racing 3 wheels are ideal for both racing and for everyday training. Aesthetically aggressive, Racing3 wheels offer the same technical advantages as the more titled Racing 1 and Racing Zero wheels, but a lower price.

The aluminium rim, with a height of 26 mm, features special milling for lightness, an exclusive Fulcrum? patent. The rim bed is not drilled. Therefore, in addition to the weight advantage provided by the elimination of the need for rim tape, the undrilled rim bed also features a mechanical advantage: greater torsional rigidity and greater vertical elasticity for the wheel.

The oversize hubs, with an aluminium body and axle, feature adjustable high-precision bearings to achieve the best performance every time.
The 2 mm steel spokes have an aerodynamic profile which enhances aerodynamic penetration and reduces the formation of vortices.

There are 16 spokes for the front and 21 for the rear wheel. The spoking is of the radial type for the front wheel and of the crossed type with doubling of the right-hand spokes for the rear.

Racing 3 wheels incorporate an exclusive Fulcrum? feature: Dynamic Balance?. The wheel is balanced during rotation thanks to a special rim design that counterbalances the joint section.

1555g wheelset weight


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