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  • Fabric Line Saddles

Fabric Line Saddles

  • Brand: Charge
  • Product Code: car129
  • $100.00


The Line uses a split, single piece, full-length pad with a central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. The Line is supremely comfortable for those longer days in the saddle.


Extended pressure can lead to discomfort and numbness. The Line saddle amply supports the sit bones with lightweight foam padding and relieves pressure on the pudendal artery through the addition of a central relief channel. A rare combination of comfort and performance, however long your ride.


Unique cut out foam upper 
Vacuum bonded construction 
Easy clean design 
Flexible nylon base

Line Shallow Elite                                  

  • Weight: TBA
  • Width: 134mm
  • Base: Nylon
  • Rail: Hollow Cro-mo
  • Upper: Lightweight PU foam
  • Cover: Waterproof microfibre

Line Shallow Race

  • Weight: TBA
  • Width: 134mm
  • Base: Nylon
  • Rail: Hollow Titanium-alloy
  • Upper: Lightweight PU foam
  • Cover: Waterproof microfibre

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