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  • Gemini Duo 1500 2-Cell Front Light

Gemini Duo 1500 2-Cell Front Light

  • $300.00


Please note: this light is supplied with a 2-cell battery and 2 button remote, if you would like more battery options, please call our store on (04) 385 6752.

Double XM-L2 LEDs. Double the firepower.

The DUO LED Bike Light is gram-for-gram one of the brightest lights of the year delivering a staggering 1500 lumens and weighing only 68g. Two CREE XM-L2 U4 LED Emitters drive this powerhouse - the most efficient, high power LEDs on the market.

Wireless remote control.

Manage your Low, Medium, High and Flash modes wirelessly with the touch of your fingertips. The additional Low/High Beam button allows you to alert oncoming traffic just like an automobile on the road.

The new wireless remote control can be paired with up to three lights for simultaneous operation.

Adjustable beyond low, medium, high modes.

There are ten brightness levels between 10-100% for your Low, Med, High and Flash modes. Each mode is programmable so you can to adjust your Low, Med, High and Flash modes to your own liking. Fine tuning your power levels allows you to take full control of your runtime.

By default, the DUO is set at Low 20%, Medium 60%, High 100% and Flash 60%. To reset your modes back to these factory settings, hold down the button for 10 seconds.

Handlebar and helmet mount included.

A handlebar and helmet mount are bundled in the DUO Light Set for your night time activities. Use the silicone o-ring to mount the DUO onto your handlebar or your helmet. A head strap is also available as an optional extra.

Technical Specifications


1500 Lumens


68g Light Head
122g 2-Cell Battery
229g 4-Cell Battery


Low / Med / High. Flash.
All programmable between 10-100%.


Hard Anodized Aluminum


Charging and Thermal Protection
Low Battery Warning

In the Box

DUO LED Light Head
High Capacity 2-Cell / 4-Cell Battery
Smart Charger
Built-in Handlebar Mount
Helmet Mount
Silicone O-Rings
Extension Cable
Wireless Remote

Run Time

DUO Light Set (2-cell)

Brightness Level

Lumen Output

Run Time



1 hour 30 mins



2 hours 10 mins



6 hours 30 mins

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