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  • Capital STK 50 Wheelset

Capital STK 50 Wheelset

  • $2,500.00


A custom built wheelset, designed and tuned to suit you. The STK50 wheelset begins with two premium Toray T700 carbon fibre rims Each rim is engineered using a unique fibre orientation layup schedule to achieve the desired strength and elasticity. The rims front and rear are 45mm and 55mm deep respectively , 25mm wide, and cured with a very high Tg resin for maximum brake-heat-resistance.

When designing a range of custom wheelsets, capital drew from its wide range of collective experience with almost every premium carbon wheel, aftermarket hub, spoke and nipple on the market. And so its no surprise the results are nothing outrageous; the wheels we designed are the wheels we ride-

Hubs are DT Swiss or Chris King- why? They work, we know the most important thing a hub can do is be reliable, and reliably compatible, and DT Swiss and King are both renowned for these attributes.

Nipples, as Standard, are  Prolock from DT swiss, either Brass or Aluminium. Spokes are selected for each individual build, as with hubs we use what we know you can rely on; double butted spokes from DT Swiss or Wheelsmith, Bladed Spokes From Sapim or DT Swiss.

The rims we use are our selection of unbranded high quality carbon rims coming from a manufacturer in china. They aren?t the lightest rim available (we have built lighter), they aren?t the widest rim available (we have built wider), they certainly aren?t the deepest rim available (remember 1080?s !?) but what they are is the best compromise of these attributes we have ever ridden.

To add to that near-perfect balance, the STK rims have a reinforced nipple bed which allows them to be safely built to much higher spoke tension than most lighter rims, meaning wheels are far stiffer and thus more responsive at the same weight.

Front Rim Width 25mm

Rear Rim Width 25mm

Front Rim Depth 45mm

Rear Rim Height 55mm

Actual Wheelset weight 1497g

(Chris King R45 road rim brake with DTswiss Aerolight spokes and DTswiss Aluminium alloy prolock nipples)

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