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  • Garmin Edge 820 Device Only

Garmin Edge 820 Device Only

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Product Code: car179
  • $640.00


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Edge 820 is the compact, touchscreen cycling computer for competitors and serious achievers like you. Get the accuracy of turn-by-turn GPS navigation and an altimeter to tell you how fast, how high, how far you?ve gone and where you?ve travelled. Whether you?re training for a race or just trying to reach your personal goals, Edge 820 gives you high-tech performance monitoring like VO2 max1, recovery advisor1 time1 and advanced cycling dynamics2. Comprehensive cycling awareness features include built-in incident detection and compatibility with Varia? rearview radar. We?ve also added GroupTrack3, to keep tabs on other riders in your pack, in-ride challenges through Strava live segments, smart notifications3 and customization options from Connect IQ?.

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